Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study: Stafco Coffee Machine Repair / Coffee Machine Maintenance

Location: Public House Manchester

Fault Reported: Before arrival to site a Coffee Machine Repair was requested by the customer due to the machine leaking and not working correctly, on arrival to site the machine didn’t look it great shape, the machine was switched off and customer explained the machine was leaking from underneath and on first visual inspection the R/H keypad membrane was hanging off.

After turning the machine on i established the machine was leaking from one of the flow-meters underneath and also the machine was over filling and not turning of when sufficient water was in the tank.

My first port of call was to replace the leaking flow-meter, then the issue with overfilling was suspected issue with the L/H keypad communication with machine, after speaking and advising my customer of the best course of action, it was decided to replace both keypads on the machine, this would get the machine back in good working condition and give the machine a fresh new look.

Outcome : after keypads replaced, flow meter replaced, machine programmed, levels set the machine is now perfect working condition and customer very happy with outcome of coffee machine maintenance.