Melitta Alpha B2C coffee machine repair

Case Study : Melitta Alpha Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Repair

Location : Workshop

Problem : machine has inconstant pressure coming up with error on screen regarding steam boiler pressure

This particular machine was brought into us with an ongoing issue relating to error codes and pressure issues, when the machine was turned on all seems fine and machine seems to heat up and work normal.

after a few days on test the machine was coming up with low pressure issue while not in use, the problem seemed as if the was a issue with the pressure sensor, this was replaced and the machine was then put back on test to see if issue was resolved

after a few days on test it would seem that this was not causing the issue to cause the machine to go off, after some technical advice and consultation with Melitta we was advised to change the elements inside the boiler and the power board to resolve the issue

Elements replaced and tested

Power board replaced and tested , the machine was then fully tested over several days and the problem was resolved, another coffee machine repair.

Outcome : intermittent issues are sometimes hard to diagnose but with persistence and collaboration with the manufacture the issues were resolved and customer very happy with coffee machine service 🙂