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Coffee Machine Repairs

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Why CS Engineers Service?

With some coffee machines the cost of ownership over 3 years can equate to nearly half their value again. You need to make sure your coffee machine repairs are covered by a reputable company that will be around to service and maintain your coffee machine in the future.

We are confident that we offer the best coffee machine service and repair standards. Ask other companies if they can offer the following (there will not be many that will put it in writing).

A Customer Centred Company

CS Engineers have invested over £50,000 in a bespoke system to look after our customers coffee machine repairs and service.

  • Our coffee machine engineers are automatically notified of issues whilst they are mobile – allowing them to respond quickly to customer problems.
  • Every  customer’s current response time is displayed on a screen in the middle of our  office – which encourages staff to excel in customer service.
  • Managers are automatically notified if you don’t receive a call back within 2 hours of logging any issue or breakdown – to make sure your coffee machine is repaired quickly.
  • We keep our promises – all of our calls are recorded to ensure you get the best in coffee machine servicing and repair every time.

Speed Of Service

Intelligent call routing – If you are on our system. We know who you are before we pick up the phone we also know if you have an on going issue and if you have been kept up to date – saving you time and hassle.

 We have a SLA (Service Level Agreement) – In our top service we aim for under 3 hours, however if we don’t get out to repair your coffee machine within 24 hours we compensate you with free coffee (industry average is about 3-5 working days*).

Our Staff

Very few of our competitors use their own service staff because of the costs of doing this. We use our own highly trained coffee machine engineers because…

You can’t keep your customer happy,  if you don’t deal with their problems.

The industry average wait times for a repair are around 3-5 working days – How much would that cost your business if it happened on a Friday?

First fix rates are terrible with sub-contactors as they can’t carry parts for every company they service coffee machines for – Our engineers carry parts for our coffee machines in their vehicles.

Most sub-contractors are not Barista’s – They can fix a machine but can’t calibrate it to make good coffee on the machines they repair!


We offer 3 levels of coffee machine service to cover all types of budgets

We offer a number of rapid coffee machine repair services to meet your needs.

From time to time, problems do happen with commercial coffee machines. At these times, it is critical that your coffee machine is fixed fast and as having your coffee machine repaired is no trivial task, you need to rely on a quality reputable coffee machine repair and servicing company, such as Coffee Servicing Engineers.

We have a number of coffee machine repair packages and solutions, fill in the form and we will call you back and guide you through everything. We have also created an information guide below to help you decide what your needs are:

How soon do you need the repairs done?

This may seem like an obvious question and answer – as soon as possible – but ask yourself which of our packages is correct for you:

  • Package 1 – 24 hour response
  • Package 2 – 6 hour response
  • Package 3 – 3 hour response

Each package has a cost associated with the speed of the response service; the question you need to ask yourself is how long can your business survive without a working coffee machine?

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