Sanremo Milano Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study : Sanremo Milano hot water running issue

Location : Public House Ellesmere Port

Fault Reported : this particular coffee machine fault seemed a little strange on first inspection, the customer had reported that when she had tried to press for a regular espresso on the left hand head it would not dispense but would run the hot water straight from the hot water tap !! upon inspection this seemed to be the case !

After switching the coffee machine off and removing the drip tray and guard panel underneath, it suddenly became clear as to what the problem was, it would seem that at some point the drip tray had become overflown and excess water had over spilled into the power pack and power switch housing and the control pack was submerged in water.

This kind of issue can occur when the waste pipe has a blockage or if in a bucket the end of the waste pipe is submerged below the surface of the water inside, it would cause an air lock there would be nowhere for the waste to go and would over fill the waste tray. The problem was while the control pack was sat in the water it was causing a short circuit and providing the customer with a different option than requested   ie: running hot water instead of water to group head

Outcome :after drying out the trays and control pack the damage had already been done, the power pack had to be replaced and reprogrammed and the machine was back in correct working order. Coffee machine repair completed and another happy customer.