Traditional Coffee Machine Repair

Case Study:  Repair on Stafco 2 Group Coffee Machine

Location: Workshop

Reported Fault: Machine tripping electronics when plugged in

Machine is been brought to us by a customer as he had another one to cover while this one will be repaired in our workshop.On arrival our manufacture trained coffee machine engineers proceed to strip down the machine by taken off all the panels for easy access to all inside electrical components. After a visual inspection on each part they’ve connect the machine to a PAT tester and the coffee machine failed for Insulation.

After that coffee machine engineer disconnect each electrical components one by one while coffee machine still connected to the PAT tester and soon as he disconnected the heating element coffee machine has PASS the PAT test, from that moment we knew that is something wrong with the heater . I’ve drain out the boiler and remove the heating element and found the element being split inside.

I replaced the faulty heating element with a new one, reconnect all the wires PAT tested it to make sure everything is fine, plugged in the coffee machine all working good.

Next day is been collected by the customer which was very happy that coffee machine is been fixed in such a professional manner and in short period of time.